Saturday, March 22, 2014

Easter Bunny Foot Tickle

Joe and his new girlfriend, Hilda, decided to a break from hiding Easter eggs. They both sat and relaxed in the grass, then Joe laid down to relax even more and then he got the idea that he thought it would be funny to see how grossed out Hilda would be if he placed his foot on her lap! He did just that, but instead of freaking out, Hilda grabbed Joe's foot and asked "Are you ticklish Joe?" Then Joe gave a look of fright, but then he smiled "You wouldn't to that to me, it was only a joke" Then Hilda tickled Joe's foot realizing how cute his laugh was, while Joe struggled the best he could and realizing that she is much smarter and stronger than he thought she was! =:D

Media: ink, markers, and color pencils on drawing paper

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