Thursday, July 13, 2017

Spider-Man Meets a San Francisco Werewolf

Peter Parker was sent to San Francisco on a special assignment from the Daily Bugle because it's travel section writer and photographer was feeling ill. On California Street, near Battery, a crazy drunk man pulled out a knife of an innocent lady and this just happened shortly after Bullard changed into a werewolf that evening. He heard a lady screaming and saw the drunk man walk to the cornered lady. People nearby was curious to see what was happening and Bullard came growling at the man with the knife, which distracted the criminal and the lady took off running. As Bullard ran after the frightened criminal Spider-Man happened to be swinging by as he was touring the city from above. He heard all the screaming below, saw that a werewolf was after this man and instantly spun a web capturing Bullard, took him into the air with him, and decided to take him to the police. Poor Bullard, who only wanted to help take a dangerous man off of the streets found himself looking like a criminal!

Bullard's best chance is talking it out with Spider-Man while reminding him that he has been wrongly accused of being a criminal many times by the Daily Bugle. Bullard better start talking now!

Spider-Man by Marvel Comics
Bullard the Werewolf and artwork by Roger Adkins

Media: ink, markers, and color pencils on drawing paper

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