Friday, July 1, 2016

Wolves in the Land of Liberty

Petre Wolfslavic, who lived for long enough to see disco and microwave ovens, told his great grandchildren this little story. "I was only 7 years old when my family left Czechoslovakia in 1900. Papa and Mama had a hard life working in the factories they told me and they didn't want the same for me. When they got the opportunity we fled the country and then passing through much of Europe until we were able to catch a ship heading west. After weeks of passing over the Atlantic Ocean Papa called out to Mama and me. We saw plenty of towers as we approached New York and soon Papa pointed out to the Statue of Liberty with tears in his eyes. He said, "There she is, the beautiful goddess freedom!" and we knew that we made it to the Land of Opportunity!"

I thought that it would be great to show how that this nation was founded by immigrants and that is what makes America a great melting pot. No one deserves to be here more than anyone else, so I just thought that this would be a good drawing and story for the 4th of July!

media: ink, markers, and color pencils on drawing paper

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