Monday, July 20, 2015

Ticklish Dingo Buried at the Beach

After a day surfing at the beach Ringo's Uncle Fang asked his girlfriend, Elizabeth, and best friend, Razortooth, who came along with him, to bury him in sand. Fang only asked that they bury him as deep as they like and to leave his head and feet out. They did have a lot of fun burying him in the sand and Razortooth even added a nice sand castle on top for decoration. Uncle Fang began wiggling his feet around and whistling in the air. When Elizabeth notice this she began tickling his feet sending Uncle Fang into hysterics as he laughed like he hadn't so much since he was a pup, though he kind of expected this, though it drove him crazy with laughter and plenty of squirming, he had no idea that Razortooth was planning on dropping an earthworm in his ear! 8D

Media: ink, markers, and color pencils on drawing paper 

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