Friday, April 24, 2015

The Ticklish Hulk and the Playful Octopus!

A huge glowing meteor crashed into the middle of the Pacific Ocean, 200 miles south of Hawaii, and a bunch of scientist felt they needed to check it out because it was giving reading of intense exposure to gamma radiation. Among the scientist invited was Dr. Robert Bruce Banner, the leading expert on gamma radiation. When the ship got close to the site of the under sea meteor the ship started swaying. The crew looked over the side of the ship and noticed huge red tentacles swaying the ship. Well, the longer they stayed at the site the more the ship swayed and this put all those abord in a panic, including Dr. Banner himself which cause his adrenaline rush that cause him to change into is huge, green alter ego, The Incredible Hulk.

The Hulk immediately, dived into the ocean below with a thunderous splash! Just below the water there was noticable and intense movement then the giant octopus' huge tentacles rose above the water with the Hulk completely bound by them. As the Hulk began to struggle to get free from the powerful beast the other tentacles started moving along his exposed arm pits and his belly causing the usually angry beast to grin, but like he was trying to hold something back. Soon two other tentacles moved up and down along the soles of his barefeet and the Hulk finally broke into a roaring laughter! For several minutes the Hulk struggled, squirmed, and laughed intensely and there was quite an audience about the ship to witness this humorous event. Eventually, the octopus released the Hulk, who decided that the sea monster was only looking for a bit of fun and the Hulk had quite a laugh out of it himself! 8D

(c) The Incredible Hulk by Marvel Comics
(c) Artwork and story by Roger Adkins 

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