Thursday, January 30, 2014

Guardians of the Galaxy Super Bowl Trailer!

Everyone has been waiting patiently or otherwise for the Guardians of the Galaxy trailer, to be directed by James Gunn! Even the Guardians of the Galaxy themselves have gotten excited and, although it has been stated that there will be no such trailer for the 2014 Super Bowl, Starlord has told the rest of the Guardians otherwise and said that he could prove it! While visiting Southern California he told them that there was a secret screening location where he could show them the Super Bowl trailer before the big game! So Starlord took them on a little walk on a trail to the actual Super Bowl trailer out in some field surrounded by a few trees. It was an old boarded up, abandoned trailer home that Starlord took the liberty of spray painting the image and name of his team on along with a painted Super Bowl as part of his prank! Looking at the picture you could see the reaction of the Guardians themselves! 8D

Just to make it clear, there is not really going to be a Guardians of the Galaxy movie trailer as stated by awesome director James Gunn himself. Instead, Disney has a great deal of marketing plans coming along in the not to distant future, including a movie trailer that will blow everyone away long before the movie actually arrives!

(c) Guardians of the Galaxy by Marvel Comics

(c) drawing by Roger Adkins

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