Monday, December 23, 2013

Good King Grizzly Bear Wenceslas

This drawing I made is based on one of my favorite Christmas Carols, Good King Wenceslas! The song is a story of a king from the Middle Ages that felt bad for a peasant that he spotted out his window. Wenceslas decided that the peasant could use some good cheer so he got his page to gather food, wine, and pine longs for the poor man. Wenceslas and his page journeyed through the cold windy night to the peasant's home, but the page couldn't long endure the cold weather so, he told the page that he would warm up if he put his feet in his footsteps. By miracle, the page, along with the king was able to make it to the peasant's home and bring him these gifts. I love the story because it tells that it is better to give to the less fortunate and help your fellow man than to be full of greed. You can hear the song here : Good King Wenceslas  Merry Christmas!

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