Thursday, October 10, 2013

Gator and The Ghost Riders

Razortooth is playing the part of the man who spends his life doing bad deeds, use your imagination, he's not exactly a saint you know. Anyway, he rode through the desert on his horse, Buster, and he finally decides to take a break and get comfortable when all of the sudden he is confronted by the sight of demon cows and ghost riders! One of them, the ghost of a dingo calls him out and gives him a warning that unless he becomes a better person he is doomed to join the riders chasing the Devil's Herd for all eternity!

I always loved this song for the spooky story and melody that comes with it so I thought it was time for me to draw the scene out! You can listen to it here sung by Johnny Cash at: Enjoy! 8D

* "Ghost Riders in the Sky" was wrote by Stan Jones
** The YouTube song here was sung by Johnny Cash

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