Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Rocket Raccoon Needs a Cure!

This was done as a protest on how Brian Michael Bendis has been portraying Rocket Raccoon in the first 3 issues of the newly revived Guardians of the Galaxy comic books by Marvel Comics. Me and many fans didn't understand what was going through Rocket's head lately. Instead of being the nice guy heroic gun slinging raccoon that we all knew from both his creator Bill Mantlo and later from the Guardian's last comic from DnA, Rocket came out as a crazed psychopath. There may be hope that Rocket is already getting better after reading issue #4 of The Guardians of the Galaxy so I'm sticking with the comic for now.

This is a story to go with this drawing:
After it has been found out that Rocket Raccoon has totally lost his mind his friend, and former enemy, Blackjack O'Hare brought Rocket back to his home world, Halfworld, which is used to treat the mentally ill, and cure Rocket of Bendisitis! Both Blackjack, Lylla, and the rest of his friends want to bring Rocket back from his state of insanity. But I do have faith that he will recover!

(c) Rocket Raccoon, Lylla, and Blackjack O'Hare by Marvel Comics (All created by Bill Mantlo)
(c) Artwork and writing by me.

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