Thursday, December 8, 2011

The Recliner of Giggles!

The events of this picture take place 4 months before Ringo moved from Australia to Paw Valley, USA!

After Ringo brought down the Ruff House Diamond Ring, single pawed I might add, he went over to his local pub in Sydney where he met a visiting tourist, Dillon Drake. They had a rousing good time drinking the local ale and became friendly companions for the night. Dillon invited Ringo over to his hotel room, where most of the guest seemed quite noisy, they were partying and, let's say, having thrilling romps in the rooms! ;3 Although Ringo thought this place was rowdy, he knew that the guest come there to have a really good time! Dillon promised Ringo that he was going to have the time of his life that night and asked him to relax in the recliner as he made his preparations. Ringo sat in the recliner, but Dillon didn't think he really looked all that comfortable.

“Relax Ringo, just spread your legs out a little and put your arms behind the recliner, then you can feel how soft it is back there.”

Ringo thought it was an odd request, but he wanted to make his new friend happy. So he did as Dillon said and tried to look all relaxed, but then suddenly “CLANK!” steel cuffs locked over his wrist & ankles.

“Hey Dilly, What's up with these cuffs?”

“I think you're the kind of guy who likes it rough, aren't you?” Quack!

“You're right about that” Ringo winked.

All of the sudden Dillon sat on Ringo's legs resting on the recliner and began tickling Ringo like crazy on the soles of his feet and moved up to his belly and armpits. Ringo tried to be tough, but he was just to ticklish and burst into a million giggles! Dillon had a lot of fun for a few hours and Ringo was released by the hotel maid who has to clean the rooms each morning!

I made this special drawing for my buddy who mentioned that he wanted to get his mits on Ringo since I first created him. I know it took a while, but here you go! HAPPY BIRTHDAY DIZZY!

© Dillon Drake by Dizzyfeathers

© Ringo Dingeridoo & artwork by me

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