Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Rankin File

This is the "Werewolf of Melborne", Wolfie Rankin, who just took down two thieves that snatched this lady's purse! However, she screams in terror as Wolfie tries to hand her back the stolen purse, she's just not used to werewolf encounters!

Wolfie Rankin is the unofficial mascot of ABC News, and can be found on Twitter & Facebook. He also has his own web paper called the Midnight Howler http://paper.li/Wolfie_Rankin, which is a great read and quite informative, so you might want to check him out sometime. Also, he does live in Melborne, Australia & he can turn into a werewolf at will, he doesn't need a full moon, I just added it for effect! 8D

(c) Wolfie Rankin by Wolfie Rankin

(c) artwork by me

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