Thursday, August 18, 2011

Critters in Times Square

In this picture you see Walter, Rusty, Lester, & Ringo on vacation in New York City. After stopping over for some pizza, Rusty still hasn't had enough, they make their way over to Times Square. There's nothing like seeing all the bright lights and giant electronic billboards rise high above the city streets in this fabulous city!

The inspiration from a drawing that a friend made of a character that looked like a neon wolf, but since I can't find it in his gallery here, I can't link you to it. Well anyway, I gave Cam a prominent place in this picture advertising "Cameron Krunch Cereal." Angel, Dillon, and Stein, as the "Love Magnet," a new Broadway musical. There is an advertisement for "Dictators" staring Wilhelm & Paris. Orlando is the host of his own talk show. Plus, there is an ad for Fred's Toys. I just had to include all of these wonderful characters from great artist who are also my great friends! 83

This is the first of a 3 part series of drawings that will include the Manhattan landscape. Enjoy!

© Cam by Ryan Beard
© Stein & Angel by JP Marone
© Dillon Drake by Dillon Drake
© Wilhelm & Paris by Taylor Milano
© Orlando by Brianna
© Freddy by Fred Vegerano
© Walter, Rusty, Lester, Ringo, & artwork by me.

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