Saturday, June 25, 2011

San Francisco Furry Gay Pride

I made this picture in honor of the annual San Francisco LGBT Pride Parade that they have every end of June.

Marching on the street you can see Lester and Ringo & Coony Raccoon and G-Hyena. On the float you can see Stein & Angel kissing Dillon Drake. Plus Dutzend & Jux holding paws. Finally, you can see Wilhelm & Paris, who are from the future, but found a way back here just to join in on this awesome parade! Everyone is out to have a good time while celebrating the love they all have for each other!

(c) Coony Raccoon by Coony
(c) G-Hyena by G-Hyena
(c) Stein the Stoner Dog & Angel by JP Marone
(c) Dillon Drake by Dizzyfeathers
(c) Jux & Dutzend by Jon Bero
(c) Wilhelm & Paris by Taylor Milano
(c) Lester & Ringo plus the artwork by me, Roger Adkins

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