Thursday, December 9, 2010

Holiday Mall Mayhem!

Dillon Drake found out that Rusty was going to be sitting at the Beaver Creek Mall in Paddletail City to play Santa Bear and have his photo taken all day with little children to raise money for the Paddletail City Children's Hospital. So Dilly got together with the Tickle Beavers and headed toward the mall. Not only was Rusty there, but so was Walter, dressed up as an elf, and Lester. Also, Stein came over to visit his buddies at the mall. Dillon offered Rusty a huge donation if he would let him and the beavers tickle him silly! Of course the beavers couldn't resist tickling the huge friendly grizzly bear and his friends in Santa Bear's Wonderland at the mall!

I made this cute and funny picture for my very very great friend :icondizzyfeathers: Dizzyfeathers because today is his wonderful and enchanting birthday! May today bring you much joy, sunshine, rainbows, and plenty of giggly tickles! :D

HAPPY BIRTHDAY DIZZY! :party: :cake:

Dillon Drake is copyrighted by :icondizzyfeathers:

Stein is copyrighted by :iconstein-the-stoner-dog:

Rusty, Walter, and Lester is copyrighted by me :iconwalterringtail:

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