Saturday, July 31, 2010

Stein Takes The Cake!

I did this picture for my best buddy's birthday, JP Marone. You can find a link to his website at the upper right hand corner of this blog. What's going on here is that Stein the Stoner Dog outwitted all of his friends at his own surprise party by sneeking through the back door and finding a weed cake made special for his birthday! Walter, Angel, Lester, Dillon, Darklight, and Lester are all trying to get to the cake before Stein scarfs it all down for himself!

(c) Stein, Angel, and Darklight by JP Marone

(c) Dillion Drake by Dizzyfeathers of Deviant Art

(c) Walter Ringtail, Rusty Boulder, Lester Hopper and this art piece by me. 83

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