Sunday, March 7, 2010

Karaoke Showdown!

This is a picture of Kumon and Kodak squaring it off in the finals at a karaoke singing contest in Woodland Park in Paw Valley to become the Karaoke King! Kumon is singing “Hungry Like the Wolf” and Kodak is singing “Hound Dog.”

I added a lot of characters in the audience including, Mutt, Stein, Angel, Dillon, Jacob, Cam, Aura, Walter, Susan, Lester, and a teddy bear all to the mix. This is for WolfSong’s contest. I have Kumon and Kodak fighting with songs!


© Kumon and Kodak are copyrighted by WolfSong

© Mutt is copyrighted by Staceysadoptapet

© Stein and Angel are copyrighted by JP Marone

© Dillon Drake is copyrighted by Dizzyfeathers

© Jacob is copyrighted by VinneyV

© Aura is copyrighted by Edorisuke

© Cam is copyrighted by Cameron627

© Walter, Susan, and Lester are copyrighted by Me


© “Hungry Like the Wolf” by Duran Duran

© “Hound Dog” sung by Elvis Presley

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