Thursday, December 25, 2008

Walter's New Painting

This is my most important character, Walter Ringtail. I really should have gave him a proper introduction when I started the blog because I even named the site after him. Walter is a gifted raccoon artist who started out doing paintings of houses, landscapes, and portraits. They are all very nice paintings, but Walter wanted to take a different direction with his art. He started to get involved in symbolic modern art. He is painting "Candy Rope to Heaven" and it symbolizes the love that he has of his new art style. The painting that he has on the wall is called "Hot Bent Spoon" and this is Walter's symbolic self-portrait. He thinks that he is seen as some useful modest tool, but in reality he sees himself as some kind of revolutionary artist and considers himself to be untouchable. Unfortunately, Walter has a very big head.

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